A GOOD HUSBAND  by director Isao Yukisada will be screened at Mpark 4 first in the US.  For Valentine’s Day, FuzzyCalifornia presents  a surprisingly touching sweet love fantasy.

A GOOD HUSBAND is a story of a couple who has been married 10 years. The husband is no good cheat but his wife keeps on loving him. One day, out of the blue, an incident befalls them, and their everyday life for last 10 years changed and reveiled what they left behind them.

Director  Isao Yukisada, who made his youthful cinematic reputation with GO and CRYING OUT LOVE , IN THE CENTER OF THE WORLD, has directed a fantasy for adults. THe mricle that befalls this couple at the end will make you weep… He says, “This is my attmept to encourage more films teaturing people like us, in our 40s. I wanted to direct a film in which two great veteran actors could simply show off how great they are, also wanted to prove that adults know how to have fun, too.”

A GOOD HUSBAND is the first play by Mayumi Nakatani, whose works are staged internationally, to be adapted into a film. The leads are a couple in their 40s. Etsushi Toyokawa, who first achieved international accalim in LOVE LETTER and many other Shunji Iwai films, plays the husband, Shunsuke. As Toyokawa’s popularity at home and abroad soars, he has recently performed in SINKING OF JAPAN, HULA GIRLS, and 20th CENTURY BOYS. His wife, Sakura, is performed by Hiroko Yakushimaru, best known recently for her performance as the gentle mother in ALWAYS-SUNSET ON THIRD STREET. After making her riveting debut in PROOF OF THE WILD as a teenager, her brilliant lead performances in a string of Kadokawa idol films established her as an iconic actress still widely adored today.

Joining them is the powerful young actress, Asami Mizukawa, who starred in CHAMELEON by Junji Sakamoto and TV series NODAME CANTABILE, and GAKU HAMADA who starred in THE FOREIGN DUCK, THE NATIVE DUCK and FISH STORY, directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura. The Veteran actor Renji Ishibashi, who has played everything from a yakuza boss to a corporate raider, delivers a memorable perfomance as a drag queen.